2017-2018 Season

Illinois Racquetball
We’re off to a great start for the 2017-2018 Tournament Season in Illinois with the Glass Court Invitational and the 26th Annual Turkey Shoot both in the record books. In fact, the Turkey Shoot boasted a 10% increase in headcount over last year, and the turkey dinner was even better (and still available for sampling at 8 pm!)


JUNIOR TEAM ILLINOIS RACQUETBALL kicked off in October at The Glass Court on Sundays under the leadership of Marian Bala, Andy Pitock, Carolyn Vazquez, Michael Fornero, and Cheryl Kirk. We had five juniors compete at the Turkey Shoot — they’re starting to feel some of those competitive juices flow!

There is still time to get your child involved at ALL LEVELS OF PLAY. Please write to Cheryl Kirk at cherylkkirk@aol.com with any questions and to receive an electronic JTI flyer with all the details.


We’re looking at whether or not our players want changes to events in this season to assist them in scheduling their tournament play. Some of the questions raised have been:

1. Would it make sense to designate certain divisions at each event to be competed on a single day for those who may have time conflicts and be unable to commit to three days? This would involve designating a division (or three), such as Men’s D, or Mixed A, to be played entirely on Saturday or Sunday. We might have to limit such a division to 16 players max to allow it to be played.
2. Do players prefer: Winners Referee, Losers Referee, or No Referee?
3. Is breakfast important to you, or would you rather just see fruit available? We are looking for what we can do to maintain lower costs – are you willing to absorb a nominal price increase in entry fees to ensure that breakfast is available?
4. Scheduling is one of our biggest issues. Some states have decided to only allow players to compete in one skill division and one skill/age or one age division. This would eliminate playing in both the Men’s B and the Men’s C division – while allowing you to replace it with the Men’s 35B, or the Men’s 60+ division as appropriate. What do you think?

Please let us know your thoughts – you can email them to: petersgeoff@hotmail.com.


Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes – and of course the annual ISRA Awards! Remember, this is the time of year for ISRA members to nominate players for the 2017 Male and Female Players of the Year, 2017 Most Improved Player, and the 2018 ISRA Distinguished Service Award. You can find the forms under the Awards tab on this website and copy the information to print off or email for Player of the Year or Distinguished Service Award – or you can grab a form at any of the upcoming sanctioned events and nominate deserving individuals there (deadline Sunday, February 4, 10:00 pm). If you would like to receive a nomination form via email, please contact Marla Cusano at marcusano@comcast.net. Remember, with all nominations, the more information received, the better!


We’re currently talking to sponsors for the ISRA Season as well as the Shamrock Shootout IRT Pro Tour event next March. If you know of ANYONE who would be interested in supporting professional racquetball at an Illinois Tour Stop, please have them contact Geoff Peters at petersgeoff@hotmail.com or (773) 251-4413.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Your ISRA Board of Directors

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