Tournament Results

To view tournament results, go to:

To search for a U.S. event on R2 Sports, click on Place your cursor on each dropdown box and click the down arrow to select each criterion:

Country — Scroll down to the bottom and click on United States.
State/Prov — Scroll down the the desired State and click on it.
Sport — Scroll down to Racquetball and click on it.
Start Date — The box is populated with the current date; change the start date if you want to search for a past or future event vs. one in the near term. Click to place your cursor to the right of the last number and backspace to delete the current date and provide space for the new start date to be typed in. The more you narrow down the date, the easier it will be to find the event within the search.
End Date — Fill in a date you are sure will be after the end date of the event for which you are searching.

There are other search criteria on the page to help narrow down the search, but generally if you populate the boxes described above, you’ll be able to easily find your event.

Next, click on Start Search (in large blue letters above Country box)

A list of events that fall within your search criteria will appear on the page. Click on the title of the event you would like to review/enter.

If you have further questions about how to find an event on R2 Sports, write to