Hall of Fame Criteria


January 1, 2011


The objective of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in many areas of the sport. Those areas include, but are not limited to, playing ability, sportsmanship, leadership and development. The award is based upon years of consistent excellence in one or more of these areas.


  1. The minimum age for induction will be 35 years as of date of induction at the annual Illinois State Singles Championship.
  2. A maximum of two individuals may be inducted in a calendar year following the initial three (3) years of the Hall of Fame. During the initial three years of the HOF – the calendar years 2010-2012 – a maximum of five (5) individuals may be inducted each year.
  3. The person must have been involved in racquetball on a State, Regional or National level for a minimum of ten (10) years from the time they either became an AARA, USRA or ISRA member. The person must have maintained their membership during the entire ten (10) years terms. In the case of Special circumstances (death, career-ending injury or illness), a person may still be eligible for nomination even though the ten (10) year rule has not been met. Individual qualifications may only be waived by unanimous consent of the voting Board.
  4. Playing accomplishments and sportsmanship at the State, Regional and National levels.
  5. Teaching, coaching or innovations.
  6. Promotion of the game.
  7. Administration/management, working for the good of the game of racquetball.


  1. Any current member of the ISRA shall have the opportunity to nominate an individual, excluding themselves, for consideration. All nominations must be made in writing.
  2. The person nominating an individual must submit appropriate documentation, such as a resume which would include detailed information on the nominee’s career and background. This should include any newspaper and/or magazine articles, testimonials, etc. Proof may be required for a specific item on the resume. It is recommended that as much information as possible be made available at the time of initial nomination.
  3. A candidate nominated but rejected for three consecutive years may not be nominated again for a minimum of three years.


  • The deadline for submitting nominations will be December 1st of each calendar year. The nominee or person making the nomination must provide all documentation to the President of ISRA by this date or the nomination will be held until the next calendar year.
  • All nominations submitted will be reviewed by the voting board, which shall consist of the current ISRA Board members and other members of the Hall of Fame Committee.
  • If a nominee is a member of the voting Board, then they will be required to abstain from any vote in any year in which they are a nominee for the Hall of Fame. The President of the ISRA shall be considered a part of the voting Board for the Hall of Fame.
  • The candidate’s resumes and an official ballot will be distributed electronically to the voting members by January 15th at 5:00 p.m. Each ballot will ask that the voter either vote “aye” or “nay” for that candidate’s acceptance into the Hall of Fame. The ballots must be returned by mail or email by within 15 days after receipt of the ballot in order to be considered valid. A minimum of 50 percent of the ballots must be returned, and a maximum of two candidates with over 75% of the votes in favor of their induction will be named to the Hall of Fame. In the event that more than two candidates receive 75% of the vote in their favor, the nominated candidates will automatically be considered for nomination during the next calendar year without being resubmitted for consideration.
  • All nominees will be notified by the Secretary of the Board of Directors and the President of the Board in writing and a congratulatory letter will be sent to the inductee. The elected Hall of Fame member will be inducted at the State Singles tournament. Each inductee shall be presented with a plaque by a member of the ISRA Board and their name will be recorded permanently with the ISRA Racquetball Hall of Fame and posted on the ISRA website.