ISRA Players of the Year

Nominate your favorite Male and/or Female Player of the Year and Most Improved Player using the nomination form. Please include comments regarding your selection(s) using the following criteria:

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Number of years played
  3. Sportsmanship
  4. Improvement
  5. Contribution to the sport of racquetball

Nominees must be USAR members and may play at any level. Winners will be chosen by the ISRA Governing Board and will be honored at the ISRA Annual Awards Ceremony each year. This year, the ceremony will be held on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Players of the Year — past recipients:

Chris Evon, Marshall Waldo (1988), Cheryl Gudinas, Rich Clay (1989),
Pat Tarzon, Bill Lyman (1990), Laurel Davis, Ron Johnson (1991),
Lola Markus, Bill Lyman (1992), Cheryl Gudinas, Andy Pitock (1993),
Cheryl Gudinas, Greg Hasty (1994), Cheryl Gudinas, Horace Miller (1995),
Dawn Gates, John Negrete (1996), Krystal Csuk, John O’Donnell, Jr. (1997),
Mary Crawford, Greg Hasty, Sr. (1998), Terri Graham, Cary Slade (1999),
Cheryl Gudinas, Bill Lyman (2000), Nancy Kronenfeld, Bill Lyman (2001),
Liz Molitor, Ben Croft (2002), Liz Molitor, Dave Milazzo (2003),
Krystal Csuk, Dave Milazzo (2004), Liz Molitor, Keith Minor (2005),
Liz Molitor, Keith Minor (2006), Pat Taylor, Julie Vincent (2007),
TJ Ferro, Ellen Somberg (2008), Alok Mehta, Nancy Amaro (2009),
Juan Herrera, Janet Eminger (2010), John O’Donnell, Jr., Krystal Csuk (2011),
Clint Hickman, Nancy Kronenfeld (2012); Greg Hasty, Kelly Gremley (2013);
Keith Minor, Renee Roux (2014); Eugene Coyle, Lynn Yeazell (2015)
Alok Mehta, Karin McCauley (2016); Alok Mehta, Susan Mueller (2017);
Keith Minor and Janet Eminger (2018); Jake Ryan and Emily Fauser (2019)

Most Improved Player Award – past recipients:

Robert Gates, Jr. (1998), Ben Croft (1999), Diane Bunker (2000),
Ubaldo Melo (2001), Angel Khamis (2002), Carolyn Watkins, Adrian Beltramino (2003),
Geoff Goldblatt (2004 and 2005), Richard DeArmas (2006), Trevor Snyders (2007),
Frank Milazzo (2008), Juan Martinez III (2009), Saad Siddiqui (2010),
Rhonda Mundhenk (2011), Tom Ness (2012), Cheryl Kirk (2013),
Jeremy Dixon (2014), Alcides Gutierrez (2015), Michael Fornero (2016),
Jeremy Dixon (2017), Nadeem Sharifuddin (2018), Tejas Veer (2019)

Act Now: Nominations must be received by Monday, January 27, 2020! Submit your nominations to Cheryl Kirk at

Your Nomination(s) should include your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, the name of the nominee(s), and the reasons why that person(s) should receive the award, including a list of achievements.

Note: The more detailed the nominations (including tournament results), the better chance nominee(s) will have!