About Us

The Illinois State Racquetball Association
A Not-For-Profit Association

Mission: To promote the sport of racquetball, at all levels, throughout the State of Illinois. We work with Private Clubs, JCC’s YMCA’s, Associations (such as IRSA), Colleges and High Schools to encourage grass roots participation, competitive play and sportsmanship for men, women and youth participants. We believe that racquetball is a lifetime sport that develops strength, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular health as a key element of a healthy, active lifestyle.

a. To unite in one local organization those persons who are engaged or interested in any phase of racquetball in Illinois.
b. To correlate closely the racquetball activities being conducted by public and private parties in Illinois.
c. To act as a central organization through which information relating to racquetball activities being conducted in the state and throughout the U.S. will be communicated.
d. To formulate principles and standards for racquetball activities in Illinois, and to certify compliance to said standards through the use of “sanctioning”
e. To encourage public support of racquetball in the state of Illinois.
f. To affiliate and cooperate with USA Racquetball (USAR) and other state affiliates.
g. To encourage and increase the skill level and knowledge of the game amongst the players in the state.
h. To award the running and promotion of major tournaments on behalf of the Association.
i. To promote racquetball for juniors (18 and under).
j. To recognize member achievements via the Hall of Fame and Annual Awards programs.

The ISRA Currently:

  1. Serves as the Sanctioning Body (through its affiliation with USA Racquetball) for all racquetball competition in Illinois
  2. Manages the State Singles and State Doubles Championship events
  3. Sanctions other events during the competitive season which runs from June through May
  4. Operates the largest competitive and oldest (__ years) Travel League in the country – The ISRA Travel League which features __ teams from __ different facilities in organized weekly competition
  5. Operates the Women’s Travel League
  6. Coordinates junior play through Junior Team Illinois
  7. Operates a comprehensive website with information on where to play, tournaments etc. at www.illinoisracquetball.com
  8. Publishes a quarterly newsletter for all members with instructional articles, tournament results, special interest stories, member profiles, etc.
  9. Manages the ISRA Hall of Fame, Annual Awards, and TJ Ferro Scholarship Award

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