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Get your “DisDancing” Shoes Ready

Join Team Illinois on MARCH 14, 2021 for a Virtual Shamrock Dance Event! We will be getting together to celebrate our love of racquetball with some “Social DisDancing” and family fun via Zoom. The Junior Team Illinois and ISRA are partnering together to host this wonderful love fest to not only raise money for our Junior program, but highlight the great support provided by both programs and help enhance the services offered to all Illinois Racquetball players through the Illinois State Racquetball Association.

This event is going to include a lot of “DisDancing” fun, entertainment, plenty of surprises (get your Cube if you register early), and most of all, get reintroduced to Illinois Racquetball while you support the future of racquetball with a donation to Team Illinois. Official registration for this event opens January 2021.

Team Illinois Virtual Shamrock Dance Event
March 14th, 2021 @ 11am CST
this is an Online/Virtual event hosted by Team Illinois
Official registration for this event opens January 2021

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carolyn Vazquez @ cvazquez1008@yahoo.com. We are calling all Dancin’ Machines… we know you’re ready for some fun. See you on the virtual dance floor!

TJ Ferro Scholarship Award
Congratulations to our 2020 TJ Ferro Scholarship Award recipient, Juan “JC” Herrera Jr. JC and his family travel weekly from Freeport, Illinois to participate in the JTI program. The family is dedicated to supporting JC and it shows as he has grown by leaps and bounds as a player with the Junior Team. We understand that academics are equally important as keeping your down-the-line and cross-court shots under control. We are proud to have JC on the team and present him with the TJ Ferro Scholarship Award. Keep up the good work, JC! We know your future is bright!

If you are interested in applying for the TJ Ferro Scholarship Award, you can fill out the application or contact Cheryl Kirk at cherylkkirk@aol.com for more information. The deadline for submission is January 18, 2021.

US National Junior Team News
Despite a national pandemic, JTI was able to adjust and get creative with our approach to qualifying for the US Team. The JTI team worked hard to submit videos of footwork drills, written submissions, and letters of recommendation. Now that the dust has settled, we are very proud to have the following JTI members make the Junior National Team and represent Illinois: Axel Lopez, Montserrat Torres, and Saigeetha Varadharajan. Congratulation to all!