ISRA Player of the Year Nomination Form

Please include comments regarding your selection(s) using the following criteria:

  1. Accomplishments
  2. Number of years played
  3. Sportsmanship
  4. Improvement
  5. Contribution to the sport of racquetball

Submit your nominations to Illinois State Racquetball Association via e-mail to Cheryl Kirk at or to any ISRA Board member.

Your nominations should include your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, the name of the Nominee, and the reasons why that person(s) should receive the award, including a list of achievements. NOTE: The more detailed your nomination (including tournament results), the better chance your nominee(s) will have!

ISRA Players of the Year & Most Improved Player Nomination Form

Male Nominee’s Name:

Female Nominee’s Name:

Most Improved Player’s Name:

Include paragraph regarding your selection(s). (May use separate sheet of paper):

Name of ISRA member initiating nomination (Please print):

Phone (day):
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Please return by Monday, January 27, 2020, to Cheryl Kirk at