Welcome to the Illinois State Racquetball Association

April 2021

April 20, 2021

We’re getting closer and closer to solving this pandemic. In Illinois, over half of our seniors, and nearly 25% of the population have been vaccinated and in another couple of weeks we’ll reach a tipping point!! With that in mind, we are excited to be pushing forward with a tentative tournament schedule both here in Illinois and on a Regional and National Level.

If you are ready to get back onto the courts, please look to the right of this page at the Events Calendar and consider the NMRA Round Robin Tournament in St. Louis in three weeks, followed immediately by:

  • Our One-Day Welcome Back Singles at Glass Court on May 15th (limited entries – enter now!)
  • The National Festival in St Louis from June 3 – 13 that includes:
    • National Singles
    • National Doubles
    • National Juniors
  • The NMRA International Championships at Glass Court, July 8 – 11th
  • Summerfest at Glass Court, July 23 – 25th, and
  • The Three Wall Brawl at Rainbow Beach August 13th and 14th

R2 is set up and ready to go for these events – so start planning your return to the courts!


Notice of Annual Meeting and Election of ISRA Board Members

The ISRA Board will hold its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 16, 2021. As with all ISRA meetings, this meeting is open to the membership. The Annual Meeting is particularly important since all members attending have a vote in the election of the ISRA Board of Directors. If you plan to attend, please contact ISRA Board Secretary John Thorson at johnthorson7@gmail.com for mode, time, and location.

Board positions are staggered two-year terms. There are six open seats on the Board for this year’s election. As part of the process, the Nominating Committee will determine which sitting Board members wish to run for re-election.

According to Article IV, Section IV.2 of the ISRA Bylaws (ratified by the ISRA Board of Directors in December 2013 and posted on the ISRA website):

Additional Director candidates must be nominated in writing by one or more ISRA/USAR members, endorsed by signed petition of at least 50 members, and received by the President prior to May 1. If there are any additional Director nominations, the President shall first verify that the nominee is in agreement to run and serve and shall give notice of said nomination to the public via the ISRA website and email communication on or before May 15 but in no case fewer than 30 days before the Annual Meeting date. The election shall take place at the Annual Meeting in June, by ballot, with only members present voting. If there are no additional nominations, the Nominating Committee’s slate shall be accepted automatically.

ISRA President Cheryl Kirk’s email address is cherylkkirk@aol.com.

Additionally, any ISRA member who wishes to help improve the quality of racquetball in Illinois and familiarize themselves with Board processes is welcome to join the Auxiliary Board. Come out and support Illinois Racquetball!


The ISRA Nominating Committee

Todd Burris (Chair), Bill Roberts, and Carolyn Vazquez


Both the ISRA and USA Racquetball are dedicated to ensuring that racquetball not only survives but grows and prospers as we move forward. The pandemic will end, and the programs being developed now for our next generation of players, the work being done to maintain courts, the Instructors Program to teach and mentor players, and the competitive tournaments in the US and across the world will make the difference in racquetball being one of the sports that comes out of this stronger and more united than ever. Please consider renewing or extending your membership during these trying times if you can – we need your support to keep moving forward, and members are the lifeblood of the organization!

Thank you for your support!!

— Your ISRA Board of Directors