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US Open


Congratulations to our Illinois players who competed in the US OPEN last week in Minneapolis. There were 23 in all (19 men/4 women), and we’re proud to say that 19 medals — 6 Gold, 3 Silver, and 10 Bronze — made the trip back with multiple players. A big shout-out goes to Gold medalists Fred Conforti, Thomas George, JC Herrera, Axel Lopez, and Keith Minor (2)!

We’re so proud to note that four Illinois Juniors were among the 23: JC Herrera, Axel Lopez, Spencer O’Dea, and Montserrat Torres!

In addition to the players themselves, a number of Illinois “cheerleaders” lent their support: Frank Bunker, Alcides Gutierrez, Juan and Evelyn Herrera, Jesus Lopez, Letty Maldonado, Dave Milazzo, Dave Negrete, Deb Peters, Geoff Peters, Raul Sanchez, Norma Sanchez, Claudia Torres, Bella Vasquez, Carolyn Vasquez, and Rohini Yadav. Did we miss anyone? It’s kind of not that easy to spot everyone when you’re surrounded by 700+ of your closest friends!

Be sure to check out the full US OPEN recap in USA Racquetball’s Serving Up the News, coming soon to an email inbox near you. In the meantime, visit Unitedhealthcareusopen.com for an up-close-and-personal look at the draws and tons of other details about the event. Remember to check out the Daily Racquet (published, yep, you guessed it, every day at the event), including blogs by Cheryl Kirk.


1st GOLD
3rd/4th BRONZE (semifinals — no playoffs for 3rd)
SF = Semifinals
QF = Quarterfinals

Diane Bunker — Women’s Doubles 55/65 (Julie Vincent) – BRONZE W55; Women’s 60/70 Singles – BRONZE W60

Thomas Carter — Men’s IRT Pro Singles (seeded #14, Round of 32)

Guy Coggins — Men’s A Singles; Men’s 30+ Singles – QF

Frederick Conforti — Men’s C Singles; Men’s C Doubles (Michael Conforti, MN) – BRONZE, Men’s 55+C Singles – GOLD

Tony Cosmano — Men’s 60+ Singles – QF

Eugene Coyle — Men’s 45+ Singles – QF; Men’s 50+ Singles – QF

Lee Frick — Men’s Centurion+ Open/Elite (Jake Ryan) – QF

Thomas George — Men’s B Singles; Men’s 35+B Singles – GOLD

Martin Gonzalez — Men’s Centurion+ Open/Elite (Jose Martinez, IN)

Juan Herrera II — Men’s C Singles – QF; Men’s C Doubles (Axel Lopez) – GOLD

Cheryl Kirk — Mixed Centurion+ A/B (Robert Frazier, AL)

Axel Lopez — Men’s C Singles – SF BRONZE; Men’s C Doubles (JC Herrera II) – GOLD, Men’s 24-C Singles – SF BRONZE

Alok Mehta — M50+ Singles – QF; Men’s Centurion+ Open/Elite (Cliff Swain, MA); Men’s Elite Doubles (Tejas Veer)

Keith Minor — Men’s 45+ Doubles (Jeff Stark, CA) – GOLD, Men’s 55+ Singles – GOLD

Spencer O’Dea (Honorary IL) — Men’s C Singles – SILVER; Men’s 24-C Singles – SILVER

Ray Redelman — Men’s 65+ Singles

Jake Ryan — Men’s 45+ Singles; Men’s Centurion+ Open/Elite (Lee Frick) – QF

John Thorson — Men’s 45+ A Singles – SF BRONZE; Men’s Centurion+ A (Jairo Torres)

Jairo Torres — Men’s B Singles; Mixed B/C Doubles (Montserrat Torres) – SF BRONZE; Men’s Centurion+ A Doubles (John Thorson)

Montserrat Torres — Women’s C/D Singles – SILVER WC; Mixed B/C Doubles (Jairo Torres) – SF BRONZE

Tejas Veer — Men’s Elite; Men’s Elite Doubles (Alok Mehta)

Julie Vincent — Women’s 55/65 Doubles (Diane Bunker) – BRONZE W55

Robert Weber — Men’s B Singles ; Men’s 45+B Singles ; Mixed Centurion+ A/B (Sharon Brumagin, OH) – SF BRONZE

We hope everyone has arrived home safely and begun resting up/hydrating/practicing for the 29th Annual Glass Court Turkey Shoot – LPRT Tier 1 Pro Stop, November 18-21 at Glass Court. It’s just 5 weeks away! The R2 site will be accepting entries just a few days from now!

See you on the courts!

— Your ISRA Board of Directors